Water Massage Tables for Sale

Automated spas and chiropractic centers in today's competitive environment are always searching for  a cost-effective way to treat their customers with "collateral" services which do not require a technician.  One of the most successful alternative, hands-free services has been the addition of the "water massage" component.  Sometimes referred to as "tables" or "beds", these full-body massagers utilize high pressure pumps and hot water to deliver a therapeutic massage either from the bottom, such as the Hydro Massage, or from the top like the Aqua Massage series.  water massage table for sale

There is a third style, we call the "spa capsule" or egg-type, which closely resembles the Hydration Station personal saunas, but delivers a blast of water from the top, and does not include the other Hydration Station features.  All three styles of water massage beds are pictured here with the many differences being very obvious from the photos that personal preference usually makes the buying decision.  The spa capsule style offers a ton of power in a small space to fit in the smallest of rooms or corner of the day spa whereas the Aqua Massage is very large but probably delivers the best massage as you lay on your front side and the jets stream down from the top. 

The Hydro Massage series offers a more comfortable solution for both the owner and client and new features, like super-heating the water and a computer guided program with touch-screen monitor, make the Hydro Massage Series 300 the most preferred unit by chiropractors around the USA.  Our company offers refurbished and used water massage beds for sale and priced from $4,995 to $8,995 for various models.  call 800-667-9189or Email Us for pictures of our current inventory ready for delivery.  Check out the photos below, click to enlarge, then click on any link for more information. 

aqua massage spa photo of aqua massage hp hydro massage 300 series

Pictured above is the Aqua Massage Spa capsule style water massage capsule.  We sell refurbished models for about $12,995.  Call 800-667-9189

Shown above is the Aqua Massage HP model water massage bed.  We offer refurbished models for about $6,995.  Email Us for more info.

The photo above is the Hydro Massage Series 300 or 350 for sale made for Planet Beach and we refurbish and sell for only $7,995.  Click here to buy.

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