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Sunless Tanning Booth Repair and Service

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We provide sunless spray tan booth parts, repair and service to support the automated spa equipment sunless booth reviewswe sell to our customers.  We offer a 30 day parts warranty on everything we sell on this website and a life-time of smartphone support via text/video/picture messaging.  We have ten plus years experienced in trouble-shooting and repair of all models of UV free spray tanning equipment and now we professionally "restore" older sunless booths and "upgrade" others to have the latest features:  voice prompt, heaters, blow dryers.

If you need a service technician to visit your home or salon, please click on link above.  To learn more about our spray tan booth restoration and refurbishment program, keep reading.  The photos on this page are before and after our refurbishment of a Magic Tan VersaSpa which had 1200 sprays and the owner said was in perfect condition.

we restore versa spa doorsWe have been buying and selling used spray tan booths for the past ten plus years and have many lessons learned we can share with you.  The first rule of thumb when buying a used spray tan booth is to be careful "who" and "where" you buy the unit from.  The most preferred way to buy a older model spray tan booth is to find a salon or location where the booth is set up for testing.  Then you know exactly what you are getting into and the mechanic can take it apart and reassemble it easier.

If you buy a unit from a storage facility or in pieces, most likely it will not work properly because of the nozzles drying up or the seals in the bilge and other pumps will crack and leak. The reason is, sunless booth pump most older models have very fine spray nozzles and critical components called "diaphragms" which will crack and break if not used on a regular basis.  When you buy a booth in working condition and you can TEST IT, then you solved 90% of your potential problems.  You can also identify leaking hoses and gaskets.  During our restoration process we change all of the hoses and hose clamps in the bilge pump area.

The main controller board of sunless booths can cost $1500 or more, therefore, if you see it finish the complicated cycles, then you can be sure it works properly.  Keep in mind a spray tan booth goes through many complicated cycles which include timing and control of heaters, dryers, spray nozzles and wash down cycles. 

One way to ensure you get a properly working used spray tanning booth is to see it work yourself or buy from a reputable dealer who will offer a warranty demonstrating confidence in their work.  Call or text 800-667-9189 or view our current inventory of refurbished sunless tanning booths here.  Please scroll below to find spray tan booth repair technicians in your state now:

View more photos of our restoration and refurbishment

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