Mystic Tan HD for Sale $11,999

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We have recently refurbished a 2012 Mystic Tan HD and offer this sunless tanning booth for sale for only $11,999. This price includes a free starter kit, delivery and installation in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, New York and Oklahoma. Our installed price to states such as California, Washington, Colorado and Arizona is only slightly higher.  Please call 800-667-9189 or Email Us about this used Mystic Tan HD for sale.  Please view the details of our refurbishing services here

This particular model of sunless spray tanning booth utilizes a "cartridge" used 2012 Mystic Tan HD for saledelivery system which is unique to the industry.  When a customer comes to the counter and purchases a spray tan, you hand them a small aerosol type can they take with them to the room and place in the "holder" located inside the machine.  This design utilizes the same outer shell and personal single use cartridge system as the MyMyst model we sell for $8,999.

Like the MyMyst version, a voice automation guides the customers step-by-step through the entire application process.   The Mystic Tan HD added a splash of color, a heater and blow dryer to vastly improve the sunless experience. 

This unit features the "heater and dryer" options which customers demand today in sunless tanning.  Like the VersaSpa, this unit now heats the space during the session to allow for maximum skin absorption of the sunless product and provides for full body drying during the application process. 

The delivery price includes, delivery, installation to most of the USA.  We include a "starter kit" with every booth we sell which consists of 45 spray cartridges, 2 posters, shower caps, booties, nose filter plugs, barrier cream, compressor and training. 

Please call 800-667-9189 for more information or email me here for pictures of the actual unit we will deliver (pictures here are stock photos).  Minimum room size is 8' x 7 ' with at least an 8' ceiling and 110 volt power with a drain line and cold water pressure at least 55# for the automatic wash down system (scroll below to download the manual).  Please watch the video below to see a fantastic demonstration and then scroll down below to download important pre-installation documents and manual:

Download or View Important Mystic Tan HD Documents

Mystic Tan HD Operating Manual Mystic Tan HD pre-installation requirements Mystic Tan HD room layout photo of a Mystic Tan HD for sale by American Quality MFG

Click on any picture above for enlarged view or to download and print any of these very helpful documents about the Mystic Tan HD including the Operating Guide and Manual and pre-installation requirement.  Sunless Inc is proud owner of all the patent and copyrights to all the brands and names on this website and should be acknowledged as such. 

Important items you may find in these documents include minimum room size (8'x7'), electrical power required (110v, 15 amps), and the water and drain requirements (1" OD hose for each).  Call 800-667-9189 for more information or email us here. Click here to complete our online equipment lease financing application