Mystic Tan MyMyst MTM2500 for Sale $8,999

We have just finished refurbishing a 2008 Mystic Tan MyMyst model MTM2500 sunless tanning booth and now offer this unit for sale for only $8,999.   This model is our next favorite to resell because of it's simple design, cartridge delivery system and engineering behind the technology.  Plus you are buying the same shell design, cartridge delivery system and nozzle technology as their most recent model, the HD.mystic tan mymyst for sale

The Mystic Tan MyMyst series features a tri-oval shaped booth consisting of a curved plastic shell with spray nozzles which mist or "fog" the customer with a DHA chemical which interacts with your dead skin layer to turn it brown. 

The nozzle has a positive charge, similar to a powder coating spray paint gun, so when the formula is shot from the spray nozzle it carries a positive charge and seeks a "ground" through your body, which makes the "mist" attract to every inch of your exposed skin and evenly distributing the "chemical" over your body except where you applied "barrier cream".  

The "cartridge" system replaces the large bladder delivery systems of older models and creates a unique sunless tanning experience for the user.  The cartridges are stored behind the counter with the lotions and is purchased from the cashier.  The customer then takes the cartridge with them to the room and places it in the "holster" to prompt the session to begin. 

See a video of how the MyMyst spray tan booth works below.  Call or 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information.

This gently worn MyMyst MT2500 will be sold with a 30 day warranty and a free starter kit of products including 75 spray cartridges (25 each of light, medium, dark), 2 marketing posters, shower caps, booties, nose filter plugs, barrier cream, compressor, and training. 

Please watch the MyMyst demonstration video here, download the installation instructions below, and apply for lease financing here:

Download and View Important Mystic Tan MyMyst Series Documents Below

click to enlarge view and print this equipment manual  click to enlarge view and print these pre-installation instructions  Sunless Inc 2012 catalog  mtm2500 room layout and dimensions