What is a Hydration Station?

What is a Hydration Station?  The Sybaritic Hydration Station is a unique spa capsule which offers a multitude of services.  If you own a day spa or tanning salon and want to offer "collateral" services for your clients but without the hassle of hiring and maintaining an appointment book for massages and body wrap technicians, then you should considerSybaratic Hydration Stations are explained here a "spa capsule" like the Hydration Station. 

The Sybaritic Hydration Station has carved it's own niche in the "automatic" salon business by offering spa-type services such as exfoliation, red light therapy, aroma therapy, and massage in one egg-like capsule.  This egg-shaped personal sauna also offers a video screen which accepts DVDs but plays soothing and relaxing music along with a variable fan-controlled air blowing directly on the client's face. 

The most important feature of a Hydration Station is that it "prepares the skin" for an upcoming evolution.  This upcoming evolution could be a UV tanning bed session, a sunless spray tanning session, or chemotherapy (whenever the skin is under bombardment or to be conditioned for treatment). 

The concept is that your dead layer of skin needs to be exfoliated and cleansed prior to undergoing a session for proper pH balance and to peel the dead skin layers away.  If you properly moisturize and exfoliate (and the Hydration Station helps this process) you can expect far better results from your UV or sunless tanning session. 

The newer personal sauna models from Sybaritic include a red light therapy attachment for the facial area where as the older models incorporated "infrared heat therapy" inside the capsule. 

Scroll below to view detailed pictures of the inside of the Feng Shui model Hydration Station, click on photo to enlarge, click on links to learn more.  Call 800-667-9189 or Email Us for more information or pictures of our current inventory ready for delivery.  These units can be purchased new for about $18k to $24k, depending on the model and features.  Our company completely refurbishes and restores these use spa capsules and offer them for sale for only $7,999 here: refurbished Hydration Stations.

photo of Spa Jet 2G model red light led lights inside photo photo of the shower scene in a Hydration Station
Hydration Station with red light therapy
Slimline Oxypod Deluxe model
used hydration stations for sale